Nervous Fernando Martinez throws practice ball over Reed's head

I was sitting on the field level of the Mets/Marlins game at CitiField today when centerfielder Angel Pagan suffered an injury and was removed from the game. Jeremy Reed replaced Pagan, and when Reed ran out to take practice throws from right fielder Fernando Martinez, Martinez threw the ball so low that it bounced off the grass in front of Reed.

Just so everyone knows, Reed and Martinez were the only ones throwing at the time because of the injury, and the entire stadium was zoomed in on these two players. That must have made Martinez nervous instantly.

Then, Martinez threw the ball back to Reed, who watched the ball sail way over his head. Reed had to run after and retrieve the ball. Reed took one more throw and acted as if he was saying “forget it,” and threw the ball into the stands for the fans.

This young kid has a serious case of the butterflies and has quite a bit of work to do, which is expected at his age. At least he is hitting now.

Wonder what kind of hazing he will face on the plane ride? Any ideas?


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