Mets on the brink of first as crucial series in Philly looms

Injuries kill a team, with the Mets being the best current example in Major League Baseball. You can’t win games without talent, which the Mets are desperately missing. When the Mets were pulled down like lead with large clusters of injuries in the recent months, their mindset immediately changed and their focus was to tread water before taking advantage of opportunities when the big-name players return from injury.

The Mets have won some ugly games lately, but that is perfectly acceptable when the team is in the shape it is today. When the bulk of your team is made up of minor-league injury-replacements, you should, at best, expect to win games that appear to be football or soccer scores. That is, either no hitting or no pitching.

The Mets need to continue to take advantage of any slight opportunities, because with the NL East being as close as it is, a lot could happen in just a week.

Especially when the Mets and Phillies meet up.


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