Mets gearing up for potential playoff run

While the Mets remain in a deep hole as a team, the same team that was quoted by newspapers as “reeling quickly” as recently as last week, have won three consecutive games and are currently winning 3-0 to the National League’s Wild Card leaders.

Anyone who has followed the Mets throughout the past few years would tell you that the team was built to succeed this season. All the places were in piece to overcome the recent late-season slides. The team was focused on making sure they didn’t make the same mistake three times.

However, bumps began to form in the road, and in a very short span of time, those bumps grew to mountains. The big-name players that the Mets were relying on began to drop like flies due to injury. Jose Reyes, also known as the Most Exciting Player in Baseball, was lost to injury, along with power hitter Carlos Delgado and Gold Glove outfielder Carlos Beltran. Setup man J.J. Putz came down with arm problems, and starter John Maine had a fatigued arm that kept him out for an extended amount of time.

Those were just a few of the injuries that the Mets have had to deal with. The injuries hurt the team so badly that the Mets slid down the ladder of the NL East in a hurry. Losing series after series, the team was losing momentum in the blink of an eye. As far down as this ship was sinking, it has not yet sunk to the ocean floor.

While the Mets have won three games in a row, all they need is a little more momentum and they will certainly be a candidate to contend in the National League playoff picture. If they are able to get that momentum they need, they will be perfectly positioned for when the starters return from injury.

The chances are not high, but the team has the potential considering they will only be getting better when the injuries are patched up…

…that is, if nobody gets injured.


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