Giants, QB Manning reach 6-year, $97 million extension

The New York Giants have reached a six-year contract extension with quarterback Eli Manning, according to several online sources. The deal, which was reportedly worth around $97 million, is being said to make Eli Manning the highest paid player in the NFL.

I’m not surprised with the length of this contract, but I am a bit surprised about the dollar signs. I’m not saying Manning isn’t exactly worth this much money considering the fact that athletes make quite a bit of money and that he was a huge factor on the road to Super Bowl XLII, but I am surprised that general manager Jerry Reese opened up his vault for once in his life.

Known for being cheap, now I see why Reese was being so cheap over the past few years, refusing to give into demands of players who were holding out and not heavily pursuing the top free agents on the market. He was obviously saving up for Manning’s payday. 

It is great that the sides agreed to this contract before the season, especially this early in training camp. With the New York Media, you never know what kind of stories they would have fabricated regarding Manning’s place on the Giants had they not extended his contract. Getting this out of the way was a big step in the right direction for Big Blue.


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