Mets hope to ride Santana to third straight victory

In a season that has left Mets fans already on the outlook for 2010 due to injuries ruining the season, the Mets have actually managed to string together a pair of wins. With their ace, Johan Santana on the mound today, the Mets hope to score some runs to back up their top pitcher and snatch a third straight victory.

Still a disappointing seven games below .500, the Mets trail the first place Philadelphia Phillies by twelve games and the Wild-Card leading Rockies by 9.5 games. The best thing the Mets can do right now is attempt to win as many games as they can in order to hold out any last hope that enough key regular starters will return from injury to play in September.

The Mets can start with Billy Wagner, who is supposed to return from injury on Sunday against San Francisco.

The Mets face the Giants at 4:10 pm today in the second game of the series.


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