MLB wisely takes away C.B. Bucknor's World Series umpiring job

C.B. Bucknor is one of the more negative umpires in Major League Baseball, and I know that from experience.

When I was the bat boy for the New York Mets in Spring Training of 2007, Bucknor explained to me that I was handing him the baseballs the wrong way when he asked for them between innings. He said that I should have handed the baseballs to him with my hands on top, and his hands on the bottom so that it is “easier for him.”

That was one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard. After I realized that he had a miserable attitude, I began to look for him on highlight reels to see how well he would do as an umpire. Not surprisingly, I would repeatedly turn on ESPN to find him starting a fight or dragging one on without actually trying to settle it down. He would have this smirk on his face, then eject a player or manager and an evil smile would just light up his face.

The latest news has me laughing in joy. According to the Associated Press, Bucknor was slated to suit up for this year’s World Series. However, after blowing two calls in game 1 of the Division Series, his supervisors changed their mind, choosing to go with a 100% experienced umpiring crew for the World Series. This is surprising news coming from the league, considering 24 of the past 25 World Series have had at least one umpire who never did a World Series before. This was a tradition to keep the rotation of umpires in the World Series fresh for the upcoming years.

The Associated Press has Joe West, Dana DeMuth, Gerry Davis, Brian Gorman, Jeff Nelson, and Mike Everett listed as umpires for this year’s World Series. After hearing this news, we shouldn’t have to worry about any controversies surrounding Mr. Bucknor in this year’s fall classic.


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