Giants keeping cool despite three-game skid

The New York Giants may have lost three consecutive games, but they are a veteran team who has been through this kind of thing before. There were several years where the Giants started off the season sloppy, even at 0-2, and would bounce back to become 6-2. You won’t see this team fall over on the ground that easily, and when I evaluate the position this team is in with the players it has to work with, I still see this team making the best out of their difficult remaining schedule and making the playoffs.

In my mind, it really is a great thing that the most difficult stretch of their schedule will be in the second half of the year. Having a difficult schedule will tell you the most about a football team because if they are able to capitalize on those games and come out on top, they will continue to build confidence that they can beat these teams at an even higher level in the postseason. If they aren’t able to win these games, then they shouldn’t deserve to make the playoffs and likely will not.

In the post-game press conference, Giants QB Eli Manning stressed that the team just needs to continue doing what they are doing, but do it better. He said that it is important that they don’t panic and that they just need to go out and perform at the level they did in the first five games. Everyones knows Manning is the last guy on the planet that will blow up or lose his cool. That’s a great thing in a quarterback and the Giants should be lucky to have such a laid-back leader on such a large-market team.

When the Giants face San Diego on Sunday at Giants Stadium, the fans will react rather quickly depending on how the flow of the game is at the start. If the Giants win this game, the three-game skid will be forgotten. If they lose, people in that locker room will begin pointing fingers.


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