Giants defense falls apart, offense no help in 26-6 disaster in Denver

Just days after winning their first game in a month, the players on the New York Giants roster thought it would be fun to play a trick by leaving their playbooks back in New York and winging the entire game. Only one problem: The holiday was not Halloween, it was Thanksgiving.

The game was an odd one, to say the least. The Giants’ run defense looked so bad at times that I wondered if defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan missed the plane to Denver. The TV cameras proved otherwise, zooming in on Sheridan’s face as announcers Bob Papa and Matt Millen got used to saying “first down, Denver”.


Giants quarterback Eli Manning did not look as bad as the rest of the team did — he had some great throws to his go-to receivers and helped the Giants overcome a 16-0 halftime lead to pull within 10 points. The Giants were clearly shorthanded in the running game without Ahmad Bradshaw. Brandon Jacobs just couldn’t find any holes as the offensive line failed to do their job. The play-calling was a bit silly at times as they repeatedly sent Jaco

bs on a run to the outside. Jacobs is not that kind of a runner, he needs to take the ball up the middle.

Although the defense allowed Broncos running back Knowshawn Moreno to run all over them, the Broncos failed to move the ball in the red zone and were often forced to settle for field goals. This kept the Giants in the game, and the defense weren’t struggling too bad until the final quarter when Denver pulled away.

The only real bright spot in this game was when kicker Lawrence Tynes drilled a 52 yard field goal that was a huge boost at the time. Tynes came into the game leading the league in missed chip shots, so this field goal was very promising.

This game hurts the Giants playoff chances, but they still control much of their own destiny if they can bounce back and win the remainder of their games. With matchups at home against division rivals Dallas and Philadelphia, as well as a date in the nation’s capital to face the Redskins, the 6-5 Giants have opportunities ahead of them. It will just be a matter of whether they take advantage of them.


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