Eagles vs. Giants: Keys of the game

When the Eagles roll into the Meadowlands, the Giants better be prepared. Philadelphia is such an explosive team that one play can change the course of the game in a hurry.

Giants defense needs to stop Philly’s explosive WR’s

  • The Giants’ defense will be focusing on the Eagles’ wide receivers, especially deep threat DeSean Jackson. If the Eagles are able to win this game, their wide receivers will likely be a main reason why. If any of New York’s defensive backs slips on a play, it could turn this game into a blowout in a hurry.

Prevent any Eagles scoring early on

  • We all know what happened the last time the Giants faced the Eagles. The Eagles broke the game open by scoring 30 points in the first half, but only after the Giants had pulled back just minutes before within two scores. As I mentioned before, the Eagles can change a game on one play
  • If the Giants’ defensive line is able to put pressure on Eagles quarterback McNabb early on, some rushed throws could lead to dangerous results for the Eagles. McNabb is injury-prone and the possibility of an injury after a hard hit is never out of question. You never know, the Giants could be handed a gift when the Eagles try to force any throws.

Which Giants team will show up? The one that played well against Dallas, Atlanta, and San Diego? Or the one that fell flatter than a pancake against the Eagles?

  • A lot of which team will show up will depend on quarterback Eli Manning. If he limits his interceptions and bad throws, the Giants could be rolling early and often. In order for Manning to make his throws, his offensive lineman will need to buy him some time to gear up and fire passes into the chests of his go-to receivers such as Steve Smith and Mario Manningham.
  • The Giants need to get fired up on the sideline when kickoff time comes. We saw this intensity in recent weeks, and it seemed to pay off. We certainly didn’t see it against Philadelphia or Denver.

Other key pointers……

The Giants are 4-2 at home this season, which is very promising. When you thought of the Giants in recent years, you thought of how well they played on the road. In 2007, the team never lost another game on the road after their opening loss to Dallas. This season, the majority of the losses have came on the road.

Giants receiver Steve Smith is number 2 in the NFC in receiving. Smith is only a handful of receptions away from tying Giant great Amani Toomer’s record for receptions. He has racked up 979 yards total in receiving and five touchdowns on the season. Although Smith dropped a touchdown pass last week, he caught several key passes to put the Giants into scoring position.


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