Mets complete intra-squad game, will begin Grapefruit League play Tuesday

The Mets kicked off the new month of March with an intra-squad matchup in Port St. Lucie, featuring most of their stars including Jose Reyes and David Wright. The Mets played against each other in what appeared to be a lopsided matchup with Wright and Reyes on the same team, but the “visiting” team had several key players such as Jeff Francoeur, Angel Pagan, and Alex Cora.

Let’s face it, intra-squad games are about as informal as it gets, aside from simulated games or batting practice. The players are all on the same team, they’re in a laid-back Spring Training atmosphere, and the coaches sit on plastic chairs. It’s not exactly a nail-biter.

But today, everyone held their breath.

In his first “game” back from injury, Reyes was unleashed by the team doctors and was free to test his injured leg. This was a big step for Reyes, and the Mets knew that he would not hold back if he was given the green light. After all, he is known as the most exciting player in all of baseball.

In his first at-bat of the game, Reyes hit a laser to the back of the wall and began his sprint around the bases. Reyes rounded first without any trouble, touched second and aimed straight for third, where he jogged in with a stand-up triple. The Mets finally exhaled, and Reyes clapped his hands and pointed toward the sky, according to Matt Cerrone’s live update from St. Lucie.

It’s great to see Reyes running without holding back, and even better to see that his hitting is right where he wants it. A triple on the first unofficial game of the year proves that he did his homework this off-season and remained in great shape.

The Mets will begin Grapefruit League play tomorrow when they host the division rival Atlanta Braves at Tradition Field. The game will begin at 1:10 p.m., and fans can watch the game live on SNY.


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