Mets need to ship overrated Murphy while he's worth it

Daniel Murphy isn’t cutting it.

In the past two seasons, Murphy has gone from an aspiring and promising young star to a bust. Fans, writers, and others can say what they want about it being too early to write Murphy off for what the Mets are trying to do with him, but he isn’t getting the job done.

Murphy would be an average player off the bench as a utility man, but the Mets have thrown him into the spotlight and have expected way too much out of him. Last year, in his first full major league season, Murphy played over 100 games and hit only .266. Each player deserves an off year, as long as they are able to make it up in the future or at least show signs of improvement.

Murphy has a great reputation in regards to his work ethic, and is known for being the first one to the ballpark and the last one to leave. However, this means nothing if he fails to translate his “progress” to success on the field.

In recent years, many people have treated Murphy as if he is a golden prospect that will be flying through the ranks with flying colors. Because he has not done so and has, in fact, slipped, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the team to consider trading him to a team in exchange for players that could be more useful on the Mets.

Murphy has had a wide variety of problems in every aspect of his game, whether it is in the field or at the plate. His rookie mistakes of dropping fly balls were very shocking because it’s such a big no-no at the major league level. He has repeatedly made mistakes at various positions, yet the Mets decide to keep shuffling him around to different positions as if he’s a deck of cards.

What are their intentions with Murphy? Do they expect him to play every day? If so, he’ll fall through the cracks and become even more of a disappointment than he already is. Are they going to allow him to ease his way into the big leagues at his own pace? Absolutely not, especially with the departure of Carlos Delgado leaving such a gaping hole at first base.

Murphy is hitting a measly .133 this Spring. That is the result he gets for only getting four hits in his 30 plate at-bats. This guy was already slipping last year and now is just sliding even further down. At this rate, he’ won’t even be worth enough to trade.

They’ll just release him.


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