Mets win 20-inning thriller in St. Louis

My plan was to allocate some time for homework once the Mets game reached its conclusion.

The homework never happened, thanks to a 20-inning marathon at Busch Stadium. This marathon began while the sun was still peeking down at the city of St. Louis, and ended seven hours later when most of the city was sound asleep.

Johan Santana started the game for New York and submitted a stellar outing, striking out nine batters in seven innings. Santana’s solid outing didn’t seem to look like much in the long run, however, as the game dragged on and ended up lasting longer than two doubleheaders combined.

The Cardinals even sent position players to the mound, who were delivering fastballs in the 70’s, likely in an attempt to increase accuracy. The Mets pounced on these opportunities, breaking the scoreless tie in the 19th inning when Jeff Francouer’s sacrifice fly put the Mets in front.

Met killer Yadier Molina, the Cardinal catcher who caught all 20 innings, responded by helping the Cardinals tie the game with his RBI in the 19th inning.

The Mets finally took the lead for good in the 20th inning, after the Cardinals and Mets exhausted their pitching staffs so badly that asking for a complete game from their starting pitchers in today’s game wouldn’t be completely out of question.

The Mets and Cardinals will wrap up their series with the rubber game today at Busch Stadium. First pitch is scheduled for 8:05 PM.

Who knows when the game will end?


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