Is Oliver Perez really a starter? Should Reyes be hitting third?


Oliver Perez seems to escape the first few innings of each game he starts, but eventually breaks down in the early middle innings. Perez has never been a starter that could go the extra mile, as he rarely pitches into the seventh inning. In his last two starts, he has pitched a combined (yes, that is two games) 6 2/3 innings. When starting pitchers are supposed to pitch deeper into games than those two games combined, it may be an indication that he shouldn’t be a starting pitcher. As I mentioned earlier, he seems to escape the first few innings, which is why he would probably be a solid relief pitcher that pitches for an inning or two. If the Mets decide to go through with this idea, they could then insert current reliever Hisanori Takahashi into the rotation. Keep in mind that the Mets cannot send Perez to the minor leagues without his consent. I’m not sure whether this is in his contract or if it is part of a rule. The Mets would much rather have Perez on the major league team anyway because of his monstrous, 3-year $36 million contract eating into the team’s payroll.

As I watched the Mets come up with lame excuses as to why they dropped Jose Reyes to the third spot in the lineup, I realized it was obvious that they were trying to turn him into Hanley Ramirez. Reyes is not a power hitter and the Mets should know that by now. The other day, the Mets ordered Reyes to put down a sacrifice bunt with a runner on base. Reyes, who is best at bunting for a base hit with his blazing speed, was unable to execute the sacrifice bunt and eventually struck out in that at-bat. This is one of many examples that prove why Reyes does not belong in the three hole.

Because the Mets claim that Reyes is in the third spot because of the absence of Carlos Beltran, I’m curious what their plan is for when Beltran returns. The original plan for Beltran was to return at the end of April or the beginning of May, but of course that whole plan backfired and he supposedly isn’t even running yet. This means it will be quite some time before he returns, most likely after the all-star break. By then, the Mets will be desperate for Beltran’s help.


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