Even with Wilpon and Minaya on hand, Manuel disappoints

As the Mets continue to hover around .500, the importance of the current series against rival Atlanta is higher than usual. The pressure to win is only increased when the team owner and general manager fly to Atlanta to have a meeting with the team manager.

As many of my readers know, I am not a fan of Jerry Manuel. His decisions make me scratch my head, his post-game press conferences are horrible as he mumbles a meaningless answer to every legitimate question, and I could go on all day. In the latest pathetic mistake by Manuel, he decided to give Jason Bay a day off. Considering Bay has an 11 game hitting streak and the team won on Monday night, you would guess that Manuel would try not to tweak the lineup too much. Apparently, Manuel likes to fix things that aren’t broke.

If anyone deserves a day off at this point, it is David Wright. He has slipped off the wagon with quite the rough landing. He has struck out far too many times this season, and his defense has been less than impressive. His errant throw to first in the ninth inning last night clinched the victory for Billy Wagner and the Atlanta Braves.


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