Reyes' resurgence proves the Mets sink or swim with him

Some Mets fans or writers fail to realize the importance of Jose Reyes until he is firing on all cylinders. It is also difficult for me to believe that any trade involving Reyes would benefit the team when their record is significantly better when he is in the lineup and produces.

The Mets just clinched their second straight series victory with their win over first-place Philly last night, and as usual, Reyes was a big part of their recent success. In the first game against the Phillies, Reyes stole two bases (including third base), hit a triple, a home run, and had a handful of other hits. In those two games, the Mets’ pitching staff dominated the Phillies lineup. Thanks to the demotion of Oliver Perez to the bullpen and the arm weakness suffered by John Maine, the Mets were able to give some other pitchers a shot at the starting rotation. R.A. Dickey was called up from triple-A for his last two starts, and he has not disappointed. His knuckleball kept the Yankees and Phillies’ hitters off-balance throughout his entire outing. Also, Hisanori Takahashi filled the second vacant spot in the rotation and pitched just as well in his second start as he did in his first.

Back to Reyes, Mets fans need to look at what happened when the Mets were without him last year. The team fell into the basement of the NL East not too long after Reyes left with an injury and never recovered. Now that he is back to full strength, he is finally returning to his old form and has been tearing up the basepaths.

It’s safe to say that the teams in the NL East should be nervous about the Mets right now with their revamped starting rotation and the resurgence of Jose Reyes. The pieces are finally beginning to fall in place for GM Omar Minaya, who has spent the past few years loading his team with superstars such as Johan Santana, Francisco Rodriguez, and Jason Bay.


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