Mets clean house, but now what?

After two straight losing seasons and four consecutive seasons without a playoff appearance, everyone knew it was time for the Mets to fire Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel.

But what’s next?

For now, the team has appointed assistant general manager John Ricco as the director of day-to-day operations of the Mets as they search for a new general manager and skipper. According to the NJ Star-Ledger, Ricco and team owner Jeff Wilpon will be leading the search.

The NY Times has reported that longtime baseball official Sandy Alderson had plans to meet with Mets’ brass today for an interview regarding the general manager position. Alderson would be an interesting choice as GM when you couple his history of working with Major League Baseball’s operations in the Dominican Republic with Omar Minaya’s infamous obsession with Latin players.

Alderson also has an impressive resume outside of the aforementioned jobs. He was appointed as the director of baseball operations of the MLB, he served as the CEO of the Padres, and is most famous for his longtime tenure as general manager of the Oakland Athletics in the 80’s and 90’s.

In addition to Alderson, the Mets have announced that they have received permission to interview White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn, along wiht Allan Baird, who is the Red Sox’ director of scouting. An interview with former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes is in the plans as well, which would make me wonder if he would even consider Wally Backman as a managerial candidate after he was fired just four days after being hired as Diamondbacks manager in 2004 when the team learned of his DUI arressts.

Managerial candidates will be discussed after the Mets find a GM, and the future GM will most likely play a large role in deciding the next manager.


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