Giants' current situation is strikingly similar to '07 Championship run

The 2007 Giants surprised everyone by taking home the Lombardi Trophy as a wild-card team, and even more shocking was that their win prevented the Patriots from becoming the first 19-0 team in NFL history. The magical run through the postseason began when Big Blue desperately needed to win a Week 16 matchup with Buffalo in order to clinch a playoff spot. After a shaky start, the Giants recovered easily and routed the Bills, prompting a clinching celebration that included the traditional gatorade bath with coach Coughlin, which was said to be created by the Giants back in the 1980’s. After the Giants won their first playoff game against the Buccaneers in tropical Tampa, they moved onto Dallas where they defeated the #1 seeded Dallas Cowboys, who held home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs and led the NFC with a record of 13-3. The Giants were swept by Dallas in the regular season, but shocked the Cowboys by defeating them in a back and forth game that featured several lead changes. The following week, they advanced to Super Bowl XLII by defeating the Green Bay Packers at frigid Lambeau Field in a game that was so cold that the temperature failed to rise above zero degrees.

The 2010 Giants season bears striking similarities, beginning with their clinching scenario week 16. The Giants will clinch a playoff spot with a win, in the same week they needed to win to get into the playoffs in 2007. On top of all of it, it just so happens to be that they are facing the Packers for the first time since the NFC Championship game that season. The Giants also were swept by a division rival that will likely wrap up the division this week, except this time its the Philadelphia Eagles rather than the Cowboys. The Eagles are the favorites for the #2 seed in the NFC playoffs, which would set up a Giants/Eagles matchup in the divisional playoffs should the Giants get that far. Remember, Dallas and New York were paired up in the same round in 2007 after the Giants were swept by Dallas. Another point to take notice of is that the Giants still have nearly half of their roster left over from the Super Bowl team. This could be their advantage in Green Bay this week, when the Giants will try to redeem themselves after last week’s “Nightmare at the Meadowlands”.

Perhaps the most bizarre similarity is the playoff positioning of the New England Patriots in the AFC. The Patriots were obviously the #1 seed in 2007 as they went undefeated in the regular season, and this season they are again in position to hold the #1 seed in their conference.

The Super Bowl is a long way, but what if it happened all over again?


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