Not much of a center field competition for now

According to Anthony DiComo at, Mets’ manger Terry Collins said 33-year old veteran Carlos Beltran will start Spring Training as the Mets’ starting center fielder. If Beltran shows that he is unable to maintain the position at a high level, Collins will explore the option of allowing Angel Pagan to play center field.

“When he walks in the first day, he’s the center fielder,” said Collins. “We’re going to sit down and feel out Carlos and make sure we come up with a game plan. But when he comes in here, if he says, ‘Look, I think I’m healthy enough to play center field,’ then we’re going to put him out there and make an adjustment as we go.”

This is not too surprising to hear from the Mets’ skipper but I don’t think as many people expected Collins to give that much credit to Beltran this early, before they even took a step on the field. If Beltran gets hurt again, forget it. However, Beltran is one of the best outfielders in the game and has been known for his quick reads of a ball off the bat. As long as he stays healthy, he should play center field and play it well.


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