Shouldn’t the field manager decide who starts where?

In reading posts on regarding the Mets’ battle for the starting spot at second base, it appears that it is assumed that the FIELD manager of the team does not actually get the final call on who plays on the FIELD. Cerrone says that general manager Sandy Alderson would make the ultimate decision, “as he should.”

Here’s the thing about that. On any given day in the big leagues, the manager is the one that sets the lineup card, makes substitutions, pitching changes, calls to the bullpen, etc. The general manager is the one that handles the business side of the team, calling players up and down from the minors, signing and scouting free-agents and players, and of course executing trades.

Whoever said they made decisions on the field? Of course, the general managers are the bosses of the field managers, but they are not in the dugout during the game. Rather, they are usually sitting in the stands or in a luxury box. Sometimes they don’t even attend the games because they have to be doing business elsewhere.

So this makes me wonder why in the world the general manager would have a say in who wins the starting spot at second base. Maybe it’s because it has to do with the structure of the team, which in effect would change how the general manager assembles his team or approaches his work. Still, it is a field matter and you would think the field manager should have call on that. After all, the field manager has the ability to bench a player if they don’t produce or for punishment. This clearly shows that he has the power to move players around.


One thought on “Shouldn’t the field manager decide who starts where?

  1. I think that is because his Assistant GM wants Emaus to get the job. Collins on the other hand may think otherwise. But Sandy will have the final say.

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