Matt Cerrone’s Q&A with the new general manager

Matt Cerrone had the chance to speak with new Mets’ general manager Sandy Alderson by phone yesterday, and he asked a great question for the fans. Many fans only see Alderson in front of a camera or behind the microphone, so they don’t really know what happens behind closed doors. Cerrone asked Alderson about his day-to-day operations as general manager and what a typical day at the office is like.

Here is what Alderson had to say:

Well, it’s important to keep in mind that when you have a game, there’s sort of a daily cycle that starts after the game when adjusting to a win or loss and the emotional response to coming down from that. I probably get to bed late, then get back to the ballpark around 9 am or so, followed by more discussion about the game from the night before. We might have a staff meeting to coordinate what’s going on in our scouting and player development operations, and there may be some administrative work that needs to be done. And so most of the office time is spent in the morning, early afternoon before the manager, the coaches and players report back to the ballpark and you prepare for the game.

Cerrone also asked Alderson what kind of communication he has with the coaches and manager during the season.

Yes, there might be a meeting or two with coaches and the manager, just a quick conversation, to talk about where we are and check in with the trainers, to begin preparing for the game that night. It’s all a 24-hour cycle that repeats itself.

As always, great work Matt.


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