Lack of trade talk shows Mets are serious about contending in ’11

The Mets could have considered trading soon-to-be free agent Carlos Beltran and some other key parts of the Mets’ lineup by this point, but they have remained in contention in the National League and all indications point toward the club keeping Beltran for the remainder of the season. There was talk earlier this season that the Mets were considering trading Jose Reyes, but he is now in the midst of the best season of his career, by far. This doesn’t mean that the Mets are not hoping to make some moves before the trade deadline.

The New York Daily News claims that Mets GM Sandy Alderson is currently shopping relievers Jason Isringhausen, Tim Byrdak, and closer Francisco Rodriguez. All of these relievers have had decent seasons so far, which increases their value for another contending team that could use them. The Mets are especially shopping K-Rod due to the expensive option in his contract that would take effect in 2012.

Besides these three relievers, don’t expect many other Mets players to be considered when trade discussions take place. The Mets have already exceeded expectations thus far and the team is fairly confident that they have the pieces in place to contend in 2011 or at least remain in the middle of the pack. Despite injuries to David Wright, Ike Davis, Johan Santana, Chris Young, and others, the team has poked their head above water as they sit at 43-42 and in third place in the National League East.


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