Rex Ryan’s controversial manner will ultimately drive him out of NY

Rex Ryan isn't smiling now

Some people fall into controversial hot waters. Rex Ryan dives into controversial hot waters.

I have always believed that the Jets head coach is far too loud of a coach to last in New York, which also happens to be known as the media capital of the world. Time and time again, Ryan has gone out of his way to put himself in the middle of the most controversial situations possible. He has almost never backed up anything he has said and he finds a way to make a fool out of himself every single week. He definitely won’t last long in New York once the Jets begin struggling, because when the dominoes start falling, you know they never stop.

  • I’ve lost count how many times he’s guaranteed something that never did happen. Has anyone realized how quickly this gets old? The worst part is that he declared his team eliminated from the playoffs two years ago, only to see them come back and make the playoffs. When a coach says his team is done, he should get no credit for anything that they win after he says that. And when you keep failing to achieve what you guaranteed, the whole point of guaranteeing is diminished. You basically only get one chance to guarantee something, and if you fail then it becomes pointless to bother with anymore. His teams have come close to the Super Bowl the last two seasons, but in the end they went home with nothing. No division title, no conference title, and obviously no Super Bowl title. On paper, they were just a wild card team two consecutive seasons.
  • Remember this? Yeah, for those of you who were too lazy to click on that link, it will link you back to the Deadspin post detailing the foot fetish story that surfaced last December. Ryan and his wife Michelle found themselves embroiled in a foot fetish disaster when it was found that Ryan’s wife had posted videos of her feet. Ryan was in the photo that was shown, and this is a perfect example of how he just throws himself into the middle of everything. So obviously Rex AND his wife together are masters at creating distractions for the Jets.
  • It doesn’t end there. You know how Rex Ryan is the head coach of the Jets and one of their huge rivals are the New England Patriots? Well, this one is pretty recent. This time around, Rex wants to be in a movie. This isn’t just any movie or any character. Rex decided he would star as a New England Patriots fan in Adam Sandler’s film, “I hate you, Dad.”
  • You saw from the disaster with his wife that Rex isn’t very careful about what kind of things about him could end up on the Internet. Two summers ago, Ryan made headlines when he made an obscene gesture to a camera while he was at a sporting event.
  • There is always something new. Just this past week, Rex again had to make a huge splash. While he was walking back to the locker room between halves during his team’s loss to the Patriots on Primetime, he cursed at a heckling fan. This is probably the worst message a coach could send to anybody who wants to take after him as a role model. This probably will help suck the life out of the already sinking Jets, who dropped to 5-4 on the season after last week’s loss.
These are just a few of the ways Ryan has made himself look bad, and they will eventually really come back to haunt him if the Jets continue to struggle. The city of New York won’t tolerate this kind of attitude once the ship starts to sink. They will find every possible way to chew him and spit him out, similar to how they have treated current Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, who has had his ups and downs in New York. Coughlin has handled it all with class, and just one year after every newspaper and media outlet in the city called for his firing, he was holding up the Lombardi Trophy after his team beat an undefeated Patriots team. He is now one of the longest-tenured coaches in the NFL. Coughlin can clearly handle the pressure. Rex, on the other hand, hasn’t proved that he can handle any pressure.
The only way Rex has handled pressure is by cursing out fans. That won’t get him anywhere.

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