Jeff Fisher asking for too much power?

Jeff Fisher had a very lasting 18-year career with the Oilers/Titans, in which he led his team to a Super Bowl and several playoff appearances. He is repeatedly regarded as one of the better coaches in the game, and now that he has spent some time out of the game following his last job, he is anxious to get back on the sidelines.

The news had broke a couple days ago that Fisher was interested in becoming the next head coach of either the Rams or the Dolphins. Each team has a head coaching vacancy as they try to rebuild their teams.

The update last night was that Fisher had agreed to become the coach of the Rams, specifically because there was a disagreement between Fisher and the executives of the Dolphins regarding the breakdown of power in the team. Fisher wanted full control of the roster while the Dolphins still wanted their general manager to have a part in making decisions about the team’s roster.

While I do believe Fisher is one of the best coaches alive, I do believe he might be asking for too much power. To ask for control of the entire roster minimizes the role of the general manager and other executives. I know many teams have head coaches with quite a bit of control, such as Andy Reid in Philadelphia, but sometimes I think it is important to keep the powers separated a bit in case something goes wrong. I definitely think the coach should have more power than a manager does in baseball, and I believe that he should have some significant power in deciding the roster. But if a team starts losing, having the ability to adjust some of the power isn’t as difficult when there are some separation of powers.

If Fisher wants to become a general manager, he should go ahead and look for a general managing job — but he might be asking for a bit too much as a head coach. But if this is what the Rams are looking for, maybe it will be the answer.


One thought on “Jeff Fisher asking for too much power?

  1. I mostly agree that it’s not always a good idea for a coach to be the GM as well. However, if a coach wants to run a team, its not always a bad idea; just be prepared to go down with it. Best example is Shanahan in Denver. He was a great coach, but an average GM. When the owner wanted to change the front office, he had to get rid of the coach too, despite Shanahans successes.

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