Back from Cape Town

After a great semester abroad in South Africa, I am finally back to the blog. I returned from Cape Town less than a month ago, and I had less than a week at home before I moved here to Princeton, West Virginia for the summer. I am spending the summer working with Rays Digest as the beat reporter for the Princeton Rays, a Tampa Bay Rays affiliate.

To follow my work with Rays Digest, check out the website and be sure to follow me on Twitter @MatthewTracy. I tweet during the games to update fans about the latest from their favorite prospects. 

During my semester abroad, I wrote an article for Varsity Newspaper, the campus paper at The University of Cape Town, and I maintained two blogs — one at the Ithaca College Sport Management and Media blog about my overall experiences, and my second at WordPress about my volunteering experiences each week.

I will be more active here this summer and into the Fall since I am back in the country, so I will have some things to catch up on that I never covered while I was away. Most notably, I need to talk about the New York Giants as they captured their second Super Bowl victory against the Patriots in just five years. The Mets, on the other hand, do have some things worth writing about this season as they are exceeding expectations. R.A. Dickey has been unstoppable and David Wright is having the season of his life.

Check back in soon for an update, and be sure to follow my work at Rays Digest and on Twitter!


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