Mets’ owners don’t care and Collins has given up

Count me in as one of those people who thought Terry Collins was not one to blame for his team’s second half slide into hell.

But suddenly he is handling the Mets’ free fall all wrong. We all thought Collins was not the problem (and he still isn’t really the problem), but as Mike Francesa so screamingly pointed out to us during his rant on WFAN yesterday, Collins hasn’t helped the problem lately. Rather, he has given up on the season. In fact, Collins just said that he’s already looking ahead to next season and that he has to look at the bigger picture. Of course, the Mets won’t be in the playoffs but it is still important to the fan base to at least pay enough attention to the remainder of the season to avoid a total disaster.

Francesa made note of how Collins seemed complacent with the way the Mets were just swept by the cellar-dwelling Rockies. Collins, who just days ago seemed to put his foot down, has backed down and seems completely OK with the way his team has sunk into oblivion. He has tried to say in his post-game press conferences that the players are at least having some good at-bats, which they definitely are not. He was even supportive of Frank Francisco after the Mets’ closer just went on a tirade in the dugout. The front office, not Collins, is to blame for this season, but Collins needs to understand that he has a responsibility to at least attempt to finish strong.

The players are not to blame. Professional athletes play every game, regardless of whether they are on a first place team or last place team, knowing that their personal success on the field is what will determine their financial future. The harsh reality for a fan of any team is that athletes play for themselves, not the team. I wouldn’t say any individual player on the Mets actually quit on the team. The front office just failed at fielding a successful team this season.

Collins’ job is unique in that he has different goals than the players do. In theory, a manager will do what it takes to win games, and even while the Mets fade into darkness he has an obligation to put an effort into setting a higher standard. If Collins is content with the way the team is playing right now, the fan base will become even more upset than they already were.

The owners have done nothing but make a complete fool of themselves in recent years. They were good friends and did business with the most well known criminal on Wall Street, they made ridiculous comments about their soon-to-be free agent player’s worth, and their team simply stinks. The Wilpons haven’t had a positive newspaper headline in forever, and the fans are getting fed up.

The team’s owners don’t care, and now the team’s manager doesn’t care. Even with a month left in the season, I guess this means the fans shouldn’t care either.


One thought on “Mets’ owners don’t care and Collins has given up

  1. Matt, I completely disagree here. I think francesa’s rant was exactly the same sort of nonsense lunatic fan new yorkers have allowed to speak for them as a whole. I can’t believe that you would say the players aren’t to blame for this. Of course they are and any notion of blaming the collapse on the front office without addressing the players’ lapses is completely based as a fan. I’d rather Collins keep an even keel when addressing the press than exploding hysterically after every game. We have no idea what he’s really saying to the players before or during the game so as spectators we always want to see someone explode when were frustrated at the team. I’d rather see Wright or Dickey call a team meeting than have Terry’s forehead vein explode when talking to a few reporters. And quite honestly I gave up on the season when we lost 9 of 10 at home back in July. That’s not to say it’s not fun to watch the games, it just means this is another year in the rebuilding phase we all knew the Mets were a part of as soon as Alderson took over in 2010. The first half of this year was more of a preview of what’s to come when we don’t have to rely on fringe talents like Pelfrey, Acosta, Jason bay, or Kelly shoppach in 2-3 years.

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