Link: Published on new LGBT Issues in Sport blog

Earlier this year, a group of professors and researchers were talking at a conference about how there was a need for an online port for researchers and people alike to increase awareness and coverage of LGBT Issues in Sports. Somebody brought up the idea of creating a blog, and the idea became a reality. After careful planning, a new site called The LGBT Issues in Sport: Theory to Practice blog was launched to the world. The blog is now updated almost every day and sometimes twice a day, featuring research and other related articles published by a number of experts from different universities and institutions around the country.

My former professor at Ithaca College, Dr. Staurowsky, is one of the founders and had contacted me during the summer to ask if I would be interested in contributing to the blog. When I was asked, I immediately accepted and quickly started thinking about what I should write about. I soon had learned about a new fiction novel about a gay Mets player who is outed by a reporter during the season, and I decided to complete a book review. Feel free to read my review here.


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